WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



date: 2023-06-21
heat: 1275

VOZOL Brings New Products to WORD VAPE SHOW

The WORD VAPE SHOW 2023 took place at the Dubai World Trade Center from June 21st to 23rd,  and VOZOL proudly set up a booth at the exhibition, 

located at No.8122. The event was a testament to the boundless possibilities of vaping, and VOZOL was at the forefront of this thrilling experience.

Our booth featured an impressive array of products representing our iconic GEAR, STAR, NEON, and SWITCH series. We also bring the latest member of 

the SWITCH series - SWITCH 1600C, which stands out for its trendy style and unique strap design and has received praise from many users. From those 

who appreciate creative aesthetics to connoisseurs in pursuit of the ultimate flavor experience, VOZOL had a product to fulfill every need and desire.

WORD VAPE SHOW was more than just a trade event; it was a celebration of innovation, culture, and community. Our team engaged in enlightening 

discussions, forged partnerships, and connected with vaping enthusiasts from around the world who share our passion for pushing the boundaries of 

what's possible in vaping.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our booth, sampled our products, and contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of WORD VAPE SHOW. 

Your energy and support were truly inspiring.

As we reflect on our remarkable journey at WORD VAPE SHOW, we are even more committed to delivering cutting-edge vaping technology, exquisite design, 

and exceptional flavor. Stay tuned for exciting developments from VOZOL