WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Verify Products

Thank you for choosing Vozol. To verify whether your product is genuine, please find the authentication label,
and then scan the QR code or enter the anti-counterfeiting code for verification.

How to check the authenticity of our product?

Physical anti-counterfeiting technology

We use the advanced anti-counterfeiting technology, significantly reducing the possibility of any counterfeiting production, the adoption of this technology can prevent the phenomenon of fake and shoddy products to the greatest extent, which provides a strong guarantee for everyone's safety and interests.

Warning to Sellers

Selling counterfeits can lead to administrative and criminal liability.
Products will be considered genuine only if their security code is verified by vozoltech.com. Otherwise, they will be deemed counterfeit.
We reserve the right to take further legal action if a product is deemed to be counterfeit.


Congratulations, your product is genuine.


Sorry, the verification did not pass. Your product is likely to be non genuine. You can provide feedback to us to help us maintain the authority of our genuine sales channels.