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Vapitaly 2023

date: 2023-05-27
heat: 1021

VOZOL's Phenomenal Journey at Vapitaly 2023   

From May 27th to 29th, the heart of vaping innovation beat at the Veronafiere Exhibition Centre in Italy, and VOZOL was at the forefront of the action at 

Booth I-E06. Vapitaly 2023 was a dynamic showcase of the latest trends and innovations in the vaping world, and VOZOL left an indelible mark. 

 Our star-studded lineup of products, including the GEAR 10000, STAR 6000, NEON 800, SWITCH 600, etc., drew crowds from around the globe. 

These products have garnered a devoted following, and Vapitaly 2023 provided the perfect stage to introduce them to even more vaping enthusiasts. 

 At the heart of Vapitaly 2023 was the spirit of community and collaboration. We had the privilege of connecting with fellow industry leaders, 

vaping aficionados, and partners who share our passion for innovation. It was a melting pot of ideas, and we're excited about the potential collaborations 

that emerged. Our team at VOZOL extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our booth, engaged in discussions, and experienced our products 

firsthand. Your enthusiasm and support were truly inspiring. As we look back on this incredible journey at Vapitaly 2023, we're invigorated to continue 

pushing the boundaries of vaping technology and design. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from VOZOL, and until we meet again at the next 

vape expo, keep vaping and savoring the VOZOL experience!