WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


VOZOL Wows Everyone at Intertabac 2023

Author: Sandy
date: 2023-09-09
heat: 1028

As a globally renowned brand, VOZOL was honored to have participated in the Intertabac exhibition, which was held at Messe Dortmund from September 14-16. 

Intertabac is the world’s largest trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories, allowing trade visitors to meet top decision-makers from the retail,

 manufacturing, and service sectors. At the fair, VOZOL showcased its latest products and the best sellers of 2023.



You can see several main products displayed on the banner at our booth: TIGO 600, STAR 600, GEAR 600, SWITCH 600, and NEON 800. 

There were multiple experiential areas in our booth so that people could personally taste and experience the superior performance and comfortable 

hand feel of our products.



TIGO 600 is our latest product. This is its debut at the European exhibition. During the exhibition, TIGO 600 received a lot of high praise from users. It prioritizes user-centric design and superior quality. The sleek and anodized aluminum shell provides an irresistible grip, and the ultra-small size makes it look exquisite. In addition, TIGO 600 utilizes VOZOL’s exclusive atomization technology - S.i.L.C,  ensuring outstanding flavor and allowing you to enjoy a consistent taste from the first to last puff.


We believe that many people have been familiar with STAR 600, which is a very popular and hot-selling product in Europe. STAR 600 features unique eco-friendly PCR materials and a soft mouthpiece, giving you a comfortable hand feeling and soft Lip Feel. Besides, it adopts VAMT Mesh Coil, providing a 50% richer taste than the same kinds.


The Neon 800, a revolutionary disposable vape in 2023, introduces a ceramic coil that completely transforms the flavor delivery experience. Thanks to the ceramic coil technology, the Neon 800 produces ultra-fine particles, creating an unparalleled sensation of smoothness and purity on the palate. Moreover, the transparent liquid tank enables users to effortlessly keep track of the e-liquid level, eradicating any worries or uncertainties about remaining e-liquid.


Known for its brand DNA centered around innovation, reliability and quality, VOZOL has become a trusted name in the industry, offering a wide range of products catering to various vaping styles. By actively participating in events such as the Intertabac 2023, VOZOL demonstrates its commitment to staying ahead of the competition and continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation.


Through this leading event for the tobacco industry that brings together international market leaders and industry representatives from all areas, VOZOL aims to strengthen its relationships with its user community, while also establishing new connections with more industry experts, fostering a collaborative environment for future growth and development.



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