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Author: vozol
date: 2024-03-01
heat: 54704

Welcome to an unprecedented treasure hunting adventure! Only the bold and the clever dare embark on this exhilarating journey. 

Consider this invitation your golden ticket to become the hero of this saga, a tale where your name could be immortalized in the annals of 

treasure-hunting legends.

Venture deep into the castle's subterranean vaults where riches beyond imagination lie concealed. 

Arm yourselves with wit and persevere in following the labyrinthine clues to its arcane locks and reveal the secrets they guard.

The mysterious password:

● Upload a funny shaking video with Star12000, like a shake dance or shake meme, on YouTube using the hashtag #vozolshakeitout&@vozol-official

● As views hits 12,000, you can attach the proof details to the marketing@vozoltech.com to get a $200 bonus. It is estimated that there will be 200 winners.

●The content of the email proof includes: name + country + ID photo (to prove that you are an adult) + video link +bank account name+

   bank card number + bank card number photo+swift code

If the information we received is unclear or not provided as required, bonuses may not be claimed.The 200 winners are determined according to the time of 

contacting us, which means that if you are the 201st person to contact us, you will not be able to claim your prize. So please contact us as soon as possible 

after meeting the 12000 views.

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